Last week in trailers: Avengers, a Defender and a talking baby

avengers infinity war trailer

Last week was a big one for Marvel, premiering first looks and trailers for The Avengers: Infinity Wars and Iron Fist. But macho superhero trailers weren’t the only ones making waves, as a women-led psychological thriller and an animated talking baby made their debuts.

Let’s get right to it.

Iron Fist 

The last of the Defenders to get their own series before the merge, Iron Fist promises to have all of the same charm and action as its predecessors. Set to Apashe’s ‘I’m a Dragon’, the trailer promises a season of discipline, success, and a healthy dose of sexual tension.

Finn Jones stars as Danny Rand, a presumed-dead heir to his family’s business. When he arrives back in New York, after years at a monastery, he discovers powers beyond his comprehension and an enemy who doesn’t want to relinquish his control of the company.

Fans of Loras Tyrell will be excited to see that his exit from Game of Thrones has not gone to waste, and Marvel fans should be excited to see this season play out before the much-anticipated release of The Defenders in mid-2017.

Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres on Netflix on 17 March.

The Beguiled

Academy Award winner Sofia Coppola just can’t stay away from blonde women, pastel palettes and a creepy ensemble dynamic — and The Beguiled boasts her most star-studded ensemble yet.

The remake of Don Siegel’s eponymous 1971 film does not shy away from the liberties that come with the 21st century, as seen in the twisted eroticism the trailer promotes.

The story is of a Union soldier (Colin Farrel) who is imprisoned by a group of women (Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning) in a Confederate boarding school. According to the trailer’s description, he “cons his way into each of the lonely women’s hearts”, though the trailer presents a more sinister tale of sexual assault and statutory rape.

Sofia Coppola’s films often end up walking a fine line between empowering and exploiting women (Spring Breakers, anyone?), and her latest seems no different.

Catch The Beguiled in cinemas on 23 June.

It Comes at Night

Sticking to the creepy train, here’s a full-blown horror. It Comes at Night is the second feature from Trey Edward Shults, telling the story of a family barely holding it together in a village far away from an unnatural terror gripping the rest of the world.

A pro is that the teaser promotes a beautiful and stylised film that is bound to scare anyone who watches. The con is that there is a dog in the film. And no dog survives a horror.

If you’re willing to put your heart through it, the film premieres 25 August. Start emotionally prepping now.

The Boss Baby

Perhaps even more horrifying than It Comes at Night, Dreamworks’ The Bossy Baby is an animated feature that embraces the concept put forth by the likes of Look Who’s Talking (1989), even though no one at all was asking it to.

Alec Baldwin seems to be taking a break from playing a baby full of hate on SNL to play a baby searching for love.

The film looks entertaining enough, but there is just something about talking babies that will always be unnerving.

Catch it in cinemas on 31 March.

Avengers: Infinity War

And, finally, the first look at Avengers: Infinity War is here. While it’s not technically a trailer, the fact that the film will be a culmination of ten whole years of Marvel films is enough to grant it its place here.

Though everyone already guessed that the Avengers would team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, this first look confirms it — and even stars Chris Pratt. Whether you love or hate the franchise, the first look at the end of the film will be sure to please everybody. After ten years, its finally ending.

Avengers: Infinity War will be released May of next year.



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