#CupBlowingChallenge: The newest viral teen fad


First we lay flat on random surfaces. Then we choked on cinnamon. We created chemical burns on our hands. We flipped bottles skillfully. And now we’re blowing cups.

And all things considered, it’s definitely an improvement.

The new fad taking the internet by storm does not put anyone in harm’s way — yet — and, much like bottle flipping, it’s all about focus and determination.

It all started when one talented young man used magic and the speed of his own breath to cause one cup to fly perfectly into another.

Im a magician. 🐐

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“You are a god, sir,” his friend tells him.

But some online did not want to believe he was a god — and took it upon themselves to prove that humans are talented enough as we are.

One guy even got his cups to do a few somersaults in the air before sticking the landing. Imagine what could be done with a big fan and Simone Biles.

And another thought using your own breath was too easy.

So if you’re looking to hang on to your street cred (or just want to feel young again) why not have a go at the Latest Teen Fad (TM)?

Get to it quick, before Hillary Clinton or McDonalds decide they should try it too. By then, it will be too late.



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