ShowMax wants to give you free Vodacom data, but…


South African streaming video service ShowMax is now giving out free data, thanks to a new partnership with Vodacom.

The company has announced that users who subscribe to the service from 27 March, will be given 1GB of data for three months.

“In addition, existing customers who have already signed up through Vodacom will also receive this data,” the company states in a press release.

The ShowMax-Vodacom data will be awarded as 1GB chunks across three months

“Internet TV is taking off — it makes so much sense if you’ve got a smartphone or tablet to stream and download TV shows and movies whenever and wherever you want,” Chris Savides, head of Showmax Africa, explains.

“What we’re finding, though, is that data can be an issue for some customers and that’s why we decided to try including it in the purchase price. For a single monthly fee you know exactly what you’re getting with no worry. Importantly, we’ve applied this retrospectively to existing customers who signed up through Vodacom, so nobody misses out.”

Users will need to sign up to ShowMax through Vodacom for the deal to apply, but once signed up, data delivered each month will be valid for 30 days. This means that by the end of month three, the previous two months’ worth of data will be forfeited if not used.

ShowMax claims that 3GB is enough to download 35 20-minute episodes on the lowest quality settings.



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