Tinder Select is a secret level for people hotter than you

tinder select

If you were planning on travelling to Los Angeles in the hopes of finding a Hollywood actress on Tinder to make your wife, I’m afraid you’ll be wasting your time.

TechCrunch has reported that Tinder has a members-only tier of the app that includes CEOs, supermodels and people who get hit up way too often on average-looking Tinder.

It started with Tinder nominating people for the new platform six months ago — probably kicking off with celebrities who use the app. More members are added when super special members use their ability to nominate others to the club.

The platform, cringily named Tinder Select, doesn’t require another app. Members can simply toggle between the bourgeois and proletariat as they please — depending on how superior they’re feeling that day.

Even the app’s design is more fancy, TechCrunch reports.

“It features a gradient navy blue ‘S’ at the top, where the Tinder flame is normally found, and other blue accenting in place of the usual orange,” it writes.

Tinder Select is reportedly a secret, members-only level of Tinder that hosts a number of socialites and celebrities

Of course, this isn’t the first time that dating apps have created tiers for a select few — apps like The League have been based off this idea alone.

But what is shady is the fact that Tinder doesn’t seem to want to make the six-month-old platform public knowledge. It’s easy to understand where they’re coming from — keeping it quiet means that no one will be trying too hard to make their way in, and everyone else is blissfully unaware that they don’t make the cut. But it also makes those using Tinder Select look like elite snobs.

Tinder Select lets the 1% control 98% of the hotness on the app, and it doesn’t seem fair.

Just wait until Bernie Sanders hears about this.



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