Twitter eggs are fried, users respond

rip twitter eggs

If you took a relaxing weekend away from social media, then count yourself lucky: you missed the chaos that is a Twitter design change.

On Friday, Twitter rid its network of the iconic egg profile pictures — and people weren’t ecstatic.

The change comes largely because “Twitter eggs” have become synonymous with trolls — users who are so obsessed with harassment that they don’t even have time to upload a Pepe icon.

This reputation is something Twitter doesn’t want — for itself or its users. It says that some innocents who don’t know how to change their profile picture were getting caught in the crossfire of bad reputations.

“These regular users would be using a troll’s clothing in some ways, not realizing that they probably should be changing that,” senior manager of product design Bryan Haggerty tells Fast Company.

Twitter eggs have become synonymous with harassment on the social network

And now the egg, which symbolised the beginning of life for new tweeters, has met its demise.

In an announcement, Twitter admitted that it chose the egg because it was “playful, fun, and unique.” This unfortunately led to too many users holding on to the image, so the new profile picture is intentionally “generic, serious and unbranded.”

The result is a grey, genderless blob that is meant to scream “temporary” and “not a nazi.”

And true to form, Twitter users did not welcome this change.

Whether you love it or hate it, there is one response that you may never unsee.

You’re welcome.



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