Katy Perry’s ‘Backpack Kid’ swishes his way into SNL history

backpack kid katy perry snl meme

Sit down, Katy Perry. Clearly the people came to see the Backpack Kid.

Performing at SNL this past weekend, the pop star whipped out her latest and catchiest single of 2017 dubbed Swish Swish. And while her vocal performance was solid, there’s one particular area in which she was upstaged.

First spotted by Rihanna late last year, 15-year-old Russell Horning took to the stage at the end of the performance and “flossed” his way into SNL folklore.

Now, it’s not exactly unusual for a Katy Perry performance to feature a backup dancer more famous than she. Hell, who can forget Left Shark?

But Backpack Kid has the stuff to make the internet cheer rather than cringe.

As for what’s in that backpack, USAToday had a poke around.

“So in the bookbag. I just have a full water bottle, a charger, a couple fidget spinners and earbuds to keep it a little heavy while I dance. When I’m not dancing I can listen to music, drink water, charge my phone, or fidget!” Horning told the site.

Practical and stylish? Kudos.

Even if this performance doesn’t live on to become an iconic meme, you’ll likely see Backpack Kid in a GIF repository near you.

Andy Walker, former editor


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