[Update: it’s back] Is WhatsApp down worldwide? Here’s what we know

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Update, Thursday 4 May, 12.10am: According to a tweet published by Reuters Tech citing a company spokesperson, “Whatsapp is aware of outage issue and working to fix it”.

Original article: Messaging service WhatsApp, used by more than a billion people worldwide, is down according to multiple users across the globe.

The outage, which occurred late Wednesday evening in Africa, is also being reported in Europe and South America, according to DownDetector. Notably, the site also suggests that users are unable to send and receive messages, connect to the service, or log in.

While WhatsApp does have a Twitter account, as well as a “Status” Twitter account for moments just like this, both haven’t been used since in over a year.

Ironically, the last blog post published by the company, dated 20 February, was also titled “WhatsApp Status”…

WhatsApp was on Wednesday reported down by users in Europe, South America and Africa

Without a certain way of knowing why the service is experiencing issues, users took to Twitter themselves to voice their concerns. @WhatsApp became a trending mention in South Africa around 11pm Wednesday, with the hashtags #Whatsappdown, and the more locally-relevant #Whatsappdownsa also made appearances.

Or, you know, posting memes.

Even Apple’s iMessage got a plug from Twitter users.

And speaking of alternative chat apps, remember Mxit?

South African DJ Euphonik also stopped by Twitter to add his humour-filled commentary.

Delayed or unsent WhatsApp messages were common themes on South African Twitter late Wednesday.

According to WhatsApp’s in-app System Status monitor, the “service is operating normally”.

While testing the service tonight, Memeburn staffers in South Africa tried sending text messages and media to one another. The messages don’t appear as sent or read but are instead marked with that ominous little clock icon.

So, yes, there’s clearly an unnamed gremlin in the system at present.

This isn’t the first time a Facebook-owned service has tanked this week either. Instagram Stories was rendered unusable for some on Monday, when they couldn’t upload snaps of their breakfast and dogs dressed in tuxedos to the service.

Is WhatsApp currently down in your area? Drop a comment below, or tweet us @Memeburn.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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