Facebook hits 2 billion users, Zuckerberg wants more


Mark Zuckerberg has announced that two billion people now use Facebook.

The platform hit its first billion in October 2012, and took under five years to hit its second. The number accounts for around 26% of the global population, but almost two thirds of the world’s internet users.

YouTube has over one billion users. As of the first quarter of 2017, Twitter was sitting with around 328 million users. Reddit had attracted 234 million unique users.

Users took to the comment section of Zuckerberg’s announcement to congratulate him, and he responded to some by expressing his wish to grow the brand even further.

Philip Fung, an early engineer at Facebook who now works for the A3 foundation, commented that only 150 million users were needed to hit integer overflow — which happens when a number is too big to be stored with the given number of bits.

Facebook added to Zuckerberg’s announcement with a blog post.

The platform is launching a personalised video to celebrate, much like those from friend anniversaries. The video, dubbed Good Adds Up, lists the amount of love reactions a user has given, relishing in “what we can do together”.

According to the company, 175 million users use the love reaction every day.

Even Twitter users got in on the celebration.

Some lamented the fact that even with so many users, they couldn’t find the ones they loved.

And others were pretty indifferent.

Featured image: Anthony Quintano via Flickr (CC 2.0 BY, resized)



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