Sense8 fans get Netflix to bring it back for finale

Hell hath no fury like a fandom scorned. Last night, in a twist Game of Thrones would be proud of, Netflix announced it was bringing back original series Sense8 for a two-hour finale.

Nearly a month ago, the company culled the expensive show without much in the way of explanation, and it sent fans into a furore. Petitions were made, hashtags were born, and a resistance was formed.

Twitter accounts like @Global_Cluster put together daily schedules that included voting for the show for awards, getting the cast onto magazine covers, and pestering Amazon on Twitter and via email to #PickUpSense8.

It got so heated that Netflix had to step in to let them know it was never going to happen.

“We’ve thought long and hard here at Netflix to try to make it work but unfortunately we can’t,” the statement read.

As you already know: it was wrong.

Yesterday, creator Lana Wachowski took to social media to announce that Netflix was letting the show close off its story in a two-hour special.

#Sense8isBack was in top trending position worldwide within the hour, with fans and the cast celebrating their success.

Sense8 joins NBC’s Timeless as this year’s TV shows pulled back from cancellation due to fan outrage.



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