Twitter memes girl who cleaned Donald Trump’s Hollywood star

makenna respect for my president donald trump

When Makenna from Wyoming visited California, she made sure to stop by US President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to clean and polish it.

The star was filled with scribbles, and Makenna didn’t approve. She had her friend take pictures of her while she cleaned it, and posted them to Twitter claiming she was “#RaisedRight.”

“Nothing but respect for MY president,” she wrote.

Naturally, the tweet picked up traction. The first to respond was Alexa, who posted a picture of herself after ostensibly placing stickers over the star calling for others to resist Trump’s regime.

A woman cleaned Donald Trump’s Hollywood star, and Twitter quickly turned it into a meme

Once that matter was taken care of, though, others thought it important to share them respecting “their” presidents.

Jake Stubbs was one of the first, cleaning actress Meryl Streep’s star.

Twitter user @suhnahlay thought the title of President belonged to one Danny Devito.

Erin thought that Shrek deserved the respect too.

Even Mr Worldwide got some special treatment.

And don’t worry: Viola Davis and Harrison Ford were also allowed their due.

While some users couldn’t get to Hollywood, they made use of what they had available: namely printed pictures of Patrick Star, and their own dogs.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to post something so meme-able in one of the US’s most liberal states.



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