#IfTwitterDidntExist: the internet imagines the 140-character apocalypse

twitter #iftwitterdidntexist

What would you possibly do if Twitter didn’t exist? That’s one of the most important questions being asked by the internet right now.

Founded in 2006 by now-CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter hasn’t had the smoothest existence compared to its contemporaries.

It was a breakthrough social network in many ways. While Facebook was toying with personal pages and Google possessed no tangible clue of what a social network is supposed to be, Twitter was the preppy kid with a brief but always sassy opinion.

And users’ opinion has always been at the fore of Twitter’s social mechanics.

While things looked up for Twitter prior to its IPO, the company has since fallen from grace. In its latest quarterly financial announcement, it failed to gain new users, and failed to add weight to its wallet.

That is a bad sign for any social media company, especially while Facebook and Google continue to thrive.

Now, the world has taken to Twitter today to (ironically) imagine a world without the service.

And yes, life looks bleak without it.

Interestingly, it isn’t the first time this hashtag has appeared. It began trending in South Africa again late Friday morning, but has appeared in different capacities on Twitter as early as 2013.

Can you imagine life without Twitter? If you have a sassy response, be sure to drop a comment in the article below, or tweet us @Memeburn.

Andy Walker, former editor


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