Watch: Dogs reunited with families after California wildfires

Thanks to the internet, human beings are forced to endure pain and suffering on a scale we were never built to comprehend. But out of this pain comes goodness — and the internet is good for that too.

Case in point: this viral video of a dog being reunited with her family after she went missing during the California wildfires that have so far taken the lives of 40 people.

According to Beckyjean Widen, who posted the story to Facebook, her parents’ dog Izzy ran away during the confusion of evacuation, and her mother was unable to chase after her without risking her own life.

“They lost everything, but my mom was most devastated about leaving Izzy,” Widen wrote.

Eager to find the dog, Widen’s brother and husband hiked 4.8km up to their property, against the advice of policemen.

The nearly four-minute-long video shows the end of the hike when Widen’s family located Izzy (you can find the reunion at around the 3:40 mark). In three days, it has amassed over 1.8-million views on Facebook and over 17 000 shares.

Izzy wasn’t the only dog happily reunited with her family, though.

Like the Widens, the Robinsons were forced to evacuate at a moment’s notice and couldn’t find their dog, Bill, before fleeing to safety.

They assumed the worst, but Bill had been found by a police officer and, thanks to a microchip, was able to reconnect with his family.

Watch the tearful reunion here:



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