Everyone is making fun of the Han Solo movie title

han solo

It’s inevitable that if you drag something out long enough and don’t deliver the goods, people are going to be left unsatisfied — and that’s just what director Ron Howard did when he revealed the title of the standalone Han Solo film.

Solo: A Star Wars Film is not only a very anticlimactic title, but it was also guessed by fans months ago when they found pictures of the crew’s merchandise.

So what does a fandom do when hit with some not-so-newsy news? Well, they rip it to shreds.

The first of the jokes came from the connection to the popular red solo cups. Let’s have a party.

Next came the joke that the fandom cares more about the adorable porgs that premiered in The Last Jedi trailer than it does about a chaotic Han Solo prequel.

But some took less conventional approaches to their teasing.

But some thought the ire was unwarranted.

And other astute users pointed out the by prolonging the name reveal, Disney may have shot itself ever so slightly in the foot.

Can’t wait for the film? Here’s a sneak peek.

Solo: A Star Wars Film will be in SA 25 May 2018.



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