Infographic shows North Korea’s scary nuclear capabilities

north korea

North Korea’s ballistic missile programme has stepped up in a big way under leader Kim Jong-un, as tensions between it and the United States continue to boil.

It would be foolish to suggest the hermit kingdom has an arsenal equal to the USA and Russia, but it would be equally foolish to dismiss their capabilities.

Now, we’ve come across a rather fascinating infographic by ABC, showing us what it could (and can) be capable of.

North Korea’s short-range ballistic missiles are its most reliable category, capable of targeting all of South Korea and Osaka, Japan, for starters (as seen in the featured image).

Then there’s the intermediate range missile category, tested several times this year, capable of hitting all of Japan and Guam.

north korea

These categories extend all the way to space launch vehicles, only leaving South America unscathed if they were to be used as weapons.

The infographic stresses that most of the state’s long range capabilities are untested, but it still gives us some fantastic insight into the possibilities.

Visit ABC for access to the infographic proper.



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