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Military Tech

  • Donald Trump to cancel F-35 fighter programme?

    US president-elect Donald Trump has slammed numerous companies and people, but defense firms haven't been in his crosshairs too often. However, this week saw Trump slam Lockheed-Martin for the horribly expensive, much delayed F-35 fighter jet programme. "The F-35 program and cost is out of control. Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after January 20th," the president-elect tweeted on Monday. The tweet saw Lockheed-Martin's shares dip by over 4% before closing down by 2.47%. The F-35 programme has courted a ton of negative publicity Lockheed Martin's fighter jet has been hit with numerous cost overruns and delays. In...

  • Canada a step closer to cancelling F-35 fighter deal

    The F-35 fighter jet has been beset by problems over the past few years, from numerous delays to issues with target tracking and weapon firing. In fact, the Canadian government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly vowed to cancel the purchase of the controversial fighter jet. Now, the country has announced plans to purchase 18 older Super Hornet fighter jets as an "interim measure", CBC reports, putting the country closer to officially cancelling the order. The country's defence ministry has also called for an "open and transparent" competition to select a replacement for the CF-18 jets. According to Popular Mechanics, the...

  • Fighter pilots to soon have drone wingmen

    The USA's heavy use of drone strikes serves as more evidence of the technology's increased involvement in conflicts around the world. But unmanned aircraft are set to be more than just a standalone solution for "surgical" strikes. At least if the USA and Japan's new programmes are anything to go by. Both countries have announced drone wingmen to partner up with traditional manned aircraft. In other words, they're preparing for a future where manned and unmanned aircraft operate side-by-side. USA's more conventional approach The USA's Loyal Wingman Initiative is expected to see last-generation unmanned F16 fighters paired up with the latest F35 fighter jets. According...

  • F35 fighter jet still has ‘significant’ tech issues

    The Lockheed Martin F35's troubles have been well-documented, ranging from major software issues to a horrendous price tag. But is one of the most advanced military jets in history making good progress? According to a Secretary of Defense memo, spotted by Bloomberg and the Project for Government Oversight, the F35 is "on a path toward failing" to deliver the full capabilities for the programme by 2018. The memo added that the Department of Defense was paying US$400-billion for the programme. The memo noted that the military jet would be unable to perform close air support operations as effectively as the older F16,...