Connect by Axis showcases top-tier video and surveillance technology 

Axis Regional Director for Middle East and Africa, Ettiene van der Watt.

The headline may be a bit wonky but genius was regarded as crazy at some point and that’s exactly how we qualify Axis Communications’ effort at their Connect event which brought together leading video, security, and surveillance specialists under one roof.

Hosted in Johannesburg at Langhams Lifestyle Estate, tech, surveillance including security industry professionals gathered to table some of the country’s most futuristic security features.

Exploring current trends, the latest in camera technology, stakeholders across the MEA region came together to showcase their commitment to Africa and the globe.

Innovative security solutions meant attendees were treated to a Transformation Zone, an exhibition space where attendees could experience some of the worlds including Axis Communications’ latest products and partner solutions.

A draw card from Axis was the launch of the first in the country Axis PP1468-XLE, the worlds first explosion protected camera designed for hazardous locations.

This was coupled with the latest in cyber security updates.

Next was the AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion camera, a device powered with two technologies, video and radar.

Think of a camera with the ability to measure true distance, accurate speed and realistic positioning of an object at a scene.

The AXIS Q6318-LE PTZ network camera is another introduction on their current flagship in the industry which is ideal for city surveillance.

The high performance 4KPTZ camera offers a half sensor with 31x optical zoom and laser focus for precise focus in under a second.

Axis Regional Director for Middle East and Africa, Ettiene van der Watt says the event was inspired by a commitment to Africa and the tremendous potential they see.

“Axis aims to lead by example with our continued investment in the continent and its people, helping
to build the cities of tomorrow and offer integrated, innovative security solutions that contribute to a smart, secure, and sustainable future.”

““With a focus on investment across Africa, we need to be asking the right questions and confronting the continent’s challenges head-on. We can achieve this by growing our network, establishing new relationships, and empowering enterprises to make the best security and networking decisions for themselves and the greater economy. That’s how we can all work together to help make Africa the powerhouse it has the potential to be,” he said.

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