This Chrome extension reverts Twitter’s character count changes

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Some people are really, really against Twitter’s 280 character tweets.

The list includes one Iggy Azalea, the Chrissy Teigen and a Steven King. But if you also really miss living in 2006, there’s a Chrome extension that might help.

“Whipped up in one night” by Slate’s dev team, the aptly named 140 is a snarky, buggy solution to clipping Twitter’s wings down to a more manageable and familiar length.

“Install our new Chrome extension, 140, and keep the horrifying world of 280-character Twitter at bay for a bit longer,” reads the extension’s description.

“If you’re visiting Twitter in Chrome, 140 will cut everyone’s tweets down to 140 characters. And better yet, 140 will restrict your tweets to 140 characters, too.”

Simply brilliant.

During Twitter’s initial 280 character trial run in September, users pioneered ways to join the pool of testers by any means necessary. The company soon plugged those exploits.

Slate suggests that a similar fate could befall its extension. And unless you’re tweeting in one of three languages, 140 character tweets will become as dated as MySpace very soon whether you want them to or not.

“The army of progress marches forever forward, burning everything good in the world and salting the earth behind it. But for now, use Slate’s 140 to make Twitter great again.”

If you’re using Google Chrome and pine for the clarity that comes with brevity, you can grab the extension (for a laugh) here.

Feature image: Slate/Google Web Store

Andy Walker, former editor


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