Bali volcano: Instagram documents Agung’s ferocious eruption


In September 2017 we wrote about three volcanoes in various corners of the globe on the verge of eruption. Two months later, one of them has gone pop.

Mount Agung, a 3142m peak on the Indonesian island of Bali, last erupted in earnest in 1963. Over 1500 people died.

This weekend during Agung’s latest episode, saw ash and debris thrown 4km into the atmosphere, forced local authorities on Sunday to raise the alert level, signalling the “possibility and imminent risk of disaster”.

While Agung and Bali are not trending worldwide on Twitter, Instagram is awash with pictures of Agung from a number of vantage points.

The below picture was snapped by @goh_kijan last year, when Agung was threatening eruption.

The below series of snaps however were taken this weekend as plumes of ash and steam erupted from the peak.

Some across Bali are required to wear protective masks.

The island’s popular tourist destinations are located around 70km southwest of Agung.

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In a detailed image slide, Instagram user @saenochka showcases rgw current scenes near the volcano, which includes a slew of ash and soot.

Сводки с места событий 🌋🙏🏼 у нас все хорошо! Не переживайте 🙏🏼 просто молитесь и подносите еду духам! Тут весь остров молится🙏🏼#новости#бали#агунг Эвакуировали только местных в радиусе около 12-20 км от вулкана из-за выброса пепла. Они живут недалеко, в палаточных лагерях. 🐒 Аэропорт закрыт на непонятное время🐒 Но по сводкам, Катар организует вылет с соседних островов, тч вылетим, вопрос времени. Если позднее, значит позднее🙏🏼 Это Бали, здесь все идет как идет❤️🙏🏼 #bali#indonesia#agung#new

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Flights to and from Ngurah Rai International Airport, one of Bali’s international air hubs, have been cancelled. A number of tourists are now stranded on the island.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch 🙈keine nerven mehr und keine Ahnung wann ich heim kann 😓😥😢

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All cancelled due to volcano 我怕的是 我会见不到你

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“It’s Dramatic!” Instagram user @ysm10722 writes, recording scenes at the airport.

드라마틱하다~~ #공항폐쇄#발리

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In spite of the imminent danger, neighbouring Mount Batur is quickly becoming the premier spot to watch Agung’s eruption.

“The crew from @findyourpack climbed Batur a few days ago in the wee hours of the morning – before the eruptions started. I think our timing was very lucky,” wrote @elisedarma.

Feature image: Junta Sekimori via Flickr (CC BY 2.0, resized)



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