How to volunteer or donate to Cape Town’s water crisis online

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If you’re one of the many Capetonians who recently bought all available five litre bottles of water at your local convenience store, perhaps this article will interest you.

Besides using less than 50 litres of water per day, here’s how else you can help the city overcome its water crisis challenge.

WISA calls for volunteers

The Water Institute of South Africa (WISA), a non-profit that aims to “promote professional excellence in the water sector”, is calling for South Africans to donate their time, empty bottles or any other mode of support to the Cape Town water crisis.

“South Africans are known as uniquely resilient, and for coming together to assist one another in times of need,” notes Lester Goldman, CEO of the Water Institute of South Africa.

“We’ve created this volunteer platform to help streamline the strength in numbers, and connect those that can help with those that need help.”

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WISA created a Google Docs form that allows South Africans to state how they can help — from donating water, to bottles, to service delivery to funds, and even their time helping at water points.

Companies can also fill in the form.

“WISA will collate the information and use its existing communication channels within the water sector to share relevant details with official task teams deployed by national and local government,” the organisation adds.

The Google Doc can be accessed here.

Note: We will regularly update this article as more avenues for donating or volunteering become available to companies and the public.

Feature image: Benjamin Voros via Unsplash



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