Fenty Beauty will give this guy free makeup for 1 million RTs

fenty beauty rihanna free makeup tweet

We’ve seen how a stupid tweet about chicken nuggets can break the arbitrary most retweeted tweet ever record, but what about something more wholesome? About a guy who really just wants to (seemingly) make his girlfriend happy?

Enter @Zackitoooo.

While Carter Wilkerson was challenged by Wendy’s to receive some 18-million likes for free chicken nuggets for a year, @Zackitoooo challenged cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty with something a bit similar.

Fenty Beauty is the brainchild of Barbadian singer-songwriter Rihanna, who founded it in late 2017.

“How many retweets would I need to get to get free makeup for my girlfriend,” he asked.

“1 million (and tag us in the tweet so we can see it),” Fenty Beauty replied. “We believe in you.”

“1 million? That’s Light @fentybeauty , It only takes a second to RT help a brother out please!!” he added in a separate tweet, with a screenshot the above conversation.

The above tweet has since garnered more than 50 replies, about 14 000 retweets but only 3600 likes. This about 12 hours since publishing.

It’s also gone viral in South Africa Tuesday morning, because it seems anything other than water crises, the Eskom saga and the Life Esidimeni trial will do.

But for brands, an impromptu tweet can spark an inadvertent, and highly successful, marketing campaign.

For Wendy’s Wilkerson’s nugget tweet now means that the brand has its claws on Twitter’s most popular tweet — even beating Ellen DeGeneres to that particular honour. For Fenty Beauty — who has just 210 000 followers and 269 tweets in total to its name — it’s an opportunity in the making.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this tweet throughout the week, but @Zackitoooo has quite a mountain to climb for that Rihanna swag.

As a comparison… Carter Wilkerson’s nugget tweet now has over 3.6-million retweets. And if @Zackitoooo to actually achieve his goal, he’ll have to beat a certain former US President Barack Obama to the ninth-most retweeted tweet ever.

Well, we’ve doubted before, but good luck with that Zack.

Feature image: screenshot, @Zackitoooo via Twitter

Andy Walker, former editor


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