5 heckin’ good subreddits for dog lovers

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I’m more of a cat person, but how can you not like dogs? Between their goofy antics and loyalty, there’s plenty to like about most canines.

So is there any wonder that we see a variety of dog-focused subreddits? We choose a few offbeat ones you should subscribe to.


adventureboi from rarepuppers

One of the more offbeat subs on the list, RarePuppers delivers a ton of cute (or even mischievous) dog photos, GIFs and videos. These are all usually accompanied by words like “BOYE” (e.g. “GOOD BOYE”) and copious use of the word “heck”. Go figure.

Dogs are the main focus here, but we also see horses, cats, birds and other animals.


Well my bed WAS made…. from Zoomies

Guess what this subreddit is all about? Yep, dogs zooming around and generally full of energy. There’s indeed a sub for this and it’s got almost 200 000 subscribers at the time of writing.

Much like the previous sub, we also see other animals here, such as goats, pigs and guinea pigs.


Holding hand K9 security dog. He asks for his owner’s hand at all times. I posted this on aww and was told that maybe here in dogswithjobs you would like it from dogswithjobs

Who doesn’t love a dog in uniform? That’s what Dogs With Jobs is all about, showing off dogs that actually have a job. Whether they’re sniffer dogs, guide dogs, police dogs, therapy animals or even just a dog at a workplace, they’ll be covered in this subreddit.


Using barkour to fetch his stick from barkour

Combine dogs and parkour and you’ve got this sub, showcasing GIFs of super agile dogs. And with over 60 000 subscribers, it’s got a relatively large following.

It’s a dog-only subreddit, but cat lovers will be happy to know that there’s a separate sub for you lot (called purrkour, naturally).


Apparently seeing snow for the first time turned my dog into Lucifer from WhatsWrongWithYourDog

Another offbeat subreddit for pooches, this one is devoted to photos/GIFs of dogs caught with rather goofy expressions or reactions.

The sub, which has 127 000 subscribers, is very active too, so you’re bound to find new content if you plan to check in daily.

Featured image: sideshembekar via reddit



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