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TWR podcast: New emoji, triple-camera phones, & another blockchain startup

Welcome to The Weekly Roundup, Burn Media’s podcast that rounds up the latest in tech and startup news.

This week, Andy Walker hosts Julia Breakey and Daniel Mpala in studio.

On this week’s podcast, the team talk emoji, triple-camera phones, and a South African blockchain success

First on the agenda are the 157 new emoji heading to smartphones this year, including options for redheads, bald heads, and superheroes.

Daniel then discusses the Johannesburg-based blockchain surveillance startup Faceter, which claims it raised over US$10-million in 20 seconds during a sale. If accurate, it could be South Africa’s fastest and most successful token presale.

And finally, Andy tells us of the potential for Huawei’s next flagship to include three separate lenses. The team then discuss why it could be great, why it could be terrible, and why it may not matter.

Catch the full podcast below.

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