Have no idea what ‘curling’ is? This YouTube video explains all

youtube guide to curling

You know the Winter Olympics is happening when “curling” is one of the most searched for sports in South Africa.

Apart from the disappointing cricket yesterday, this week South Africans are trying to figure out what this sport involving a stone, an ice rink and a bunch of people with broom-like prods is all about.

Thankfully, we’ve found a video that does just that.

With 13 000 subscribers, Curling Canada is probably not a YouTube channel you’d subscribe to immediately, but it does a splendid job making the sport itself interesting.

Who knew curling could be so fun to watch? And it’s not just because it’s one of the strangest things human beings do competitively.

Steeped in science and mathematics, the sport consists of far more than just sliding, sweeping and ice. It’s a delicate combination of teamwork, feel, and control. And, you know, really cold temperatures.

The brief explainer uploaded in 2014 has amassed more than 280 000 views. And we get why. It’s brief, it’s cute, it’s distinctly Canadian. It’ll help you to appreciate the sport that’s seemingly one of the most popular on the planet right now, at least on Google.

Learn all about it below.

Feature image: screenshot, “Two Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling” via Curling Canada/YouTube

Andy Walker, former editor


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