The Shape of Water bested by Get Out, Dunkirk on Google Search

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The internet and the big arts academies of the world don’t always agree. We’ve seen this with the Grammys this year, and now the Oscars may have just joined in.

Judging by Google Trends data taken from across the world for the past 12 months, the internet’s most popular films don’t have as much “fish porn” as this year’s Best Picture winner. (Also, don’t worry, that link is SFW.)

“The most popular among all Best Picture Oscar nominees in the US this year was, without a doubt, Get Out,” Google explains.

“In much of the world, however, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk proved to be the most searched-for film.”

And they’re not kidding.

For the first six months of 2017, a vast swathe of the planet is covered in searches for Get Out. However, from July onward, Dunkirk takes its place as the most popular film in users’ search bars.

November 2017 sees a few odd spots — namely Xinjiang Uygur, China; New York, USA; and British Columbia, Canada — search for Lady Bird. And throughout the year, Call Me By Your Name has varying popularity in a select number of provinces, states and territories on planet Earth.

As for 2018’s Best Picture winner The Shape of Water? The film came into its own in December — it debuted a little later than other flicks — but only appeared to be dominant in a handful of states across the US.

For a more detailed look at how Google Search trends fluctuated throughout 2017, have a look at Google’s full interactive chart below.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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