GitHub could soon be Microsoft’s new baby, report suggests

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In a report published Monday, Bloomberg is notably confident that Microsoft is about to purchase code repository website GitHub.

GitHub isn’t a new social network, but the “world’s leading software development platform” it self-exclaims.

Founded in 2008, the site has become the largest host of source code on the planet, with more than 20-million users and 57-million respositories of code in April 2017.

The Redmond-based company will reportedly announced its acquisition today, although the financial damage is not yet know. According to Bloomberg, GitHub was last valuated at US$2-billion in 2015.

There’s also no indication from GitHub that is has been purchased, however more information should be released today if the deal is in fact set in stone.

Microsoft’s purchase of GitHub will likely be one of the company’s largest in recent memory.

In 2011, Microsoft purchased video conferencing app Skype in an US$8-billion deal.

In 2015, the company also broke many a heart when it purchased calendar app Sunrise, eventually dismantling and folding it into its Outlook platform.

It’s however unlikely that GitHub will befall the same fate.

Feature image: GitHub Desktop

Andy Walker, former editor


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