Chill South Africa, #Listeriosis is trending for all the right reasons this time

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As a South African, seeing the word “listeriosis” trending on Twitter is a signal of both bad news and terribly boring sandwiches devoid of meat products. But today, it’s trending for a positive reason.

Grab those knives, South Africa, because you can now eat polony to your heart’s content (or until your doctor advises otherwise).

South Africa’s Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi announced today that the listeriosis outbreak, which plagued South Africa in early 2018, is now over. No new cases have been reported within the past three months.

The beginning of @SAgovnews’s thread can be found below.

The announcement comes after the Ministry of Health noted a decline in cases in May. In total, at least 172 people died as a result of the outbreak.

Understandably, after considering the death toll, some South Africans on Twitter still weren’t convinced that the outbreak was over, and that processed meat was now safe to eat.

Others simply wanted accountability.

For some, today’s announcement was a case of “what outbreak?”

And others couldn’t wait to enjoy their processed meats once more.

Feature image: congerdesign via Pixabay (CC0)

Andy Walker


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