Twitter’s #LockscreenChallenge reveals so much about people online

twitter lockscreen challenge #lockscreenchallenge

2018 will be remembered as the year that anything could be an internet “challenge”. Case in point? The #LockscreenChallenge.

The hashtag was found trending across South Africa on Friday, as Twitter users posted screenshots of their smartphone lockscreen.

We have seen the hashtag before on Twitter, but the latest edition of the trend seemingly kicked off in Kenya.

Usually, the smartphone lockscreen isn’t the most interesting facet of a phone, but the hashtag has revealed a few traits about people and their smartphones.

For one, we really do love looking at other humans, and ourselves, online. See what we mean?

It also revealed that some aren’t too sure what a lockscreen actually is, posting snaps of their home page instead.

Some notifications gave us a bit of anxiety. Look away if you’re allergic to low storage, software update or battery depletion warnings.

And perhaps leave the room if you work in the digital security industry, because these users don’t have PIN, fingerprint or password unlocks.

Some took the opportunity to showcase more aesthetically pleasing lockscreens.

While others used fifth-world problems as humble brags.

The internet’s latest challenge continues over on Twitter.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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