The Western Cape’s spring flowers are a blooming hit on Instagram

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Happy unofficial spring, South Africa. The season only scientifically begins on 23 September, when the length of day and night are more or less equal. But that hasn’t stopped Instagram from proving that you can already enjoy the colourful season’s splendour right now.

This past weekend, the social network was awash with bright colours and petals from the West Coast of the Western Cape. It’s South Africa’s flower region, and known for its popping flora between August and September annually.

Of course, it’s extremely difficult to say no to snapping a picture of the scene and uploading it to the internet. But that’s a good thing.

If you’re perhaps not from South Africa, or on the other side of the country, enjoy what Instagram, and springtime in the West Coast, has to offer below.

Snapped by Nikki Ellis (@imnikkiellis)

Snapped by Anika (@anikamilly)

Snapped by Liandi van Wyk (@liandi7)

ケープタウン市内から車で約1時間。ウエストコーストナショナルパークのワイルドフラワーです。 毎年咲く時期は異なりますが、満開の時期は大体8月下旬から9月上旬までの数週間の間のみ。 ただし、野生のものなので、前年の雨量や天候、気温によっても時期が変わります。 Wildflower of West Coast National Park. #Wildflower #westcoastnationalpark #capetown #southafrica #capetownlife #beautifulcapetown #南アフリカ #ワイルドフラワー #ガイドブックに無い情報 #ローカル情報 #ケープタウン #ウエストコーストナショナルパーク #ケープタウン生活 #海外生活 #南アフリカ共和国 #海外生活 #海外留学 #英語初心者 #語学留学

A post shared by Koji Ono (@koji_ono1103) on

Snapped by Koji Ono (@koji_ono1103)

The flower season along the west coast is booming!

A post shared by Benjamin Lederer (@capetownbenjamin) on

Snapped by Benjamin Lederer (@capetownbenjamin)

Snapped by A Wild Life (

Snapped by Meg du Trevou (@megdutrevou)

Snapped by Nicholas de Klerk (@colanicholas)

West coast flower season 🌸🌼 Happy Spring Day!

A post shared by Becca M (@beccamilller) on

Snapped by Becca M (@beccamiller)

Wild flowers, even with the clouds 🌻🌼🌸🌥

A post shared by Helen T (@helenabbott) on

Snapped by Helen T (@helenabbott)

Tangerine trees and marmalade skies 01/09/18

A post shared by Nico Strauss (@nicostrauss6) on

Snapped by Nico Strauss (@nicostrauss6)

Weskusblomme #wildflowers #langebaan #bluelagoon #flowersofinstagram #southafrica

A post shared by Fanie Serfontein (@serfonteinfanie) on

Snapped by Fanie Serfontein (@serfonteinfanie)

A post shared by Katie Barratt (@winefairysa) on

Snapped by Katie Barratt (@winefairysa)

For those feeling FOMO, you can read more about the West Coast’s flower season here. And if you think your snap should be featured in our list, hit us up on Instagram @burnmedia.

Feature image: flowcomm via Flickr (CC BY 2.0, resized)

Andy Walker, former editor


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