If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, it’s Google Maps’ new game

google maps ghostbusters world game

Earlier this year Google made it possible for game developers to design games that can be played in the real world using Google Maps.

Today the company has revealed one of those games, and in true October style, it’s Ghostbusters.

“With Ghostbusters World, the newest game built with Google Maps, you can grab your virtual proton pack and bust ghosts—all as you explore a game world built on the Google Maps you know and love,” said Google in the announcement.

This means Google Maps will not only help you get to your destination, but also aid you in the battle against ghosts in your maps environment.

Though the details are not too clear, Ghostbusters World is a seperate gaming app that uses Maps to provide the real-world experience.

“Because some ghosts are just too strong to take down on your own (would you want to face Stay Puft solo?), you can team up with nearby Ghostbusters in multiplayer boss raids,” the company explained further. You can also go to war with other players apparently, and there’s even a story mode.

The game, which closely resembles Pokémon Go, is already available for both Apple and Android devices via the respective app stores.

Feature image: Google

Shereesa Moodley


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