Game of Thrones teases fans with season 8 trailer

Late on Tuesday, Game of Thrones’ social media accounts posted a short teaser video, announcing the highly anticipated release date for the show’s eighth season.

The video depicts a mash-up of game changing scenes of previous seasons, allowing fans the chance to “revisit every scheme, scar, and sacrifice from the first seven seasons”, according to the show’s website.

Though no specific date was given, the end of the trailer confirms that the series conclusion will come in April 2019.

After actors shared their feelings about the end of Game of Thrones via an Entertainment Weekly cover special a few weeks ago, many fans expected an official trailer to drop soon afterwards.

Instead, only the release date, video and new tag line are offering clues for what we can expect.

Despite it not being a true teaser trailer however, excitement still spread all across twitter, where the video racked up 6.5-million views.

It would seem that the build up for the finale is all about what everyone has been, and will be, willing to do #ForTheThrone.

Feature image: Game Of Thrones (@Game Of Thrones) via Twitter

Shereesa Moodley


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