WhatsApp will soon let you listen to voice notes back to back

whatsapp apps screen 2

Delving into the worlds of WhatsApp updates, WABetaInfo revealed that the app’s latest beta has a new voice messaging feature.

Beta version 2.18.362 includes “consecutive voice messages”, allowing users to listen to voice notes continuously if they have received more than one back to back.

“When you start to play the first one, WhatsApp will automatically play all other consecutive voice messages as a sequence, so it won’t be necessary to press play on each message,” WABetaInfo explains.

The website also provided a video example of the playback, noting that not all users will be able to see this feature in beta mode yet.

There are also two new tones for voice messages as well, one to notify you when the next voice note is playing and one to indicate when all have been played.

WABetaInfo claims that consecutive voice messages will only be enabled for all beta users in the next update.

Feature image: Memeburn

Shereesa Moodley


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