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10 Christmas and holiday playlists you can find on Spotify

According to a few shopping malls, it’s been Christmas since the beginning of October. But seriously now, we’re just days away from the holiday many love.

Apart from the copious amount of delicious food, and the unwrapping of gifts, another highlight of the festive period is the music.

Thankfully, there’s no need to keep that Boney M vinyl on repeat anymore. Now, with the likes of Spotify available in South Africa, we can now enjoy handpicked playlists until we’re blue in the face.

100 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever by Topsify

You may peer briefly into this list and find Michael Buble and Mariah Carey starting us off. But don’t smash your speakers with a baseball bat just yet. Sia’s Candy Cane Lane, Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me, and Lily Allen’s Somewhere Only We Know bring some modern levity to the lengthy list.

Christmas Classics by Spotify

56 tracks selected by the Spotify staff features some rarely-heard gems like Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby and the Carpenters’s rendition of Silent Night.

Christmas Songs – Holiday Music by Filtr US

Looking for someone to slap on and forget about for a good three hours? This 156-song strong playlist should do the trick. Prepare for early cringe though, as Mariah and Wham! opens.

Klay’s Christmas by Steve Klehfoth

Consider shuffling this mammoth list before play, but wow, does it have some alternative holiday-theme music. Grab this one if you’re sick of the ordinary.

Alternative Christmas | Holiday Music by fortheloveofbands

And if you’re sick of songs with the cadence of falling snow, perhaps try this list of 79 alternative rock, punk and ska tracks. Weezer’s We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Fall Out Boy’s Yule Shoot Your Eye Out, and Julian Casablancas’s Christmas Treat all feature.

Now That’s Christmas! by Harry Ashworth

You don’t see too many modern holiday playlists ringing around malls during the festive period, but this playlist will change that. Almost all tracks were recorded this side of the decade.

200 Secular Christmas Songs by cilla.joy

“A mix of non-religious and traditional instrumental holiday music by a variety of artists,” reads the playlist’s description. For those who don’t observe Christmas as a religious holiday, or just those who’ve had enough of carols, this 219-track playlist is worth consideration.

Christian Christmas by Spotify

If Christmas is celebrated as a religious holiday in your household, Spotify’s own Christian Christmas playlist is excellent. There are 96 tracks in this one, and features some notable artists like Amy Grant, Casting Crowns, and Hillsong.

A Very Jazzy Christmas – Jazz Christmas by Daniel Kranich

Ya like jazz? If you do, this three-years-in-the-making jazzy Christmas album is for you and yours. Overall, the playlist is “meant to be 90% instrumental” so it’s about as perfect for background lunch or dinner music as you can get.

Christmas Complete by 2mccm2

Finally, if you have data in spades and are simply looking for overall length, then this 2333-track long playlist is probably the longest you’ll find. Stick it on shuffle, play it for what’ll probably be most of December, and enjoy.

Feature image: Daniel Reche via Pexels

Author | Andy Walker: Editor

Andy Walker: Editor
Camper by day, run-and-gunner by night, Andy prefers his toast like his coffee -- dark and crunchy. Specialising in spotting the next big Instagram cat star, Andy also dabbles in smartphone, gadget and game reviews over on Gearburn. More

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