Uber is now more expensive to use in South Africa

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As of Friday 7 December, your Uber trip to the airport and back is going to cost a bit more than it did before.

The ridesharing company announced on its blog that fares will be adjusted to make the service a more “reliable economic opportunity for drivers, as well as an affordable option for riders”.

“For driver-partners, this will help to ensure that they are able to maximise their earnings while on the road,” the company added. “The change in fare prices will allow driver-partners to earn more in order to make up for the rising cost of business and living expenses that affects their earnings.”

For riders, the company promises that the increased fare and earnings will result in additional “technology features”.

With that said, fare adjustments are based on a city-by-city basis.

For those using Uber in Johannesburg and Pretoria, prices for an UberX is now 50c/km more expensive. You’ll be paying R8/km.

In Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, a 50c/km surplus has too been added, making the price-per-kilometre in these three cities R7.50.

UberXL fares in Cape Town and Durban have also been increased by 50c, and will now cost R7.50/km

The fare increase comes just as the South African fuel price decreased by R1.84 per litre on Wednesday, but on the back of a record fuel price the month before.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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