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Cardi B’s rant on US government shutdown goes politically viral

Just hours after releasing the music video for her song “Twerk”, hip-hop artist Cardi B took to Instagram to share her views on President Donald Trump and the US government shutdown, which is now entering its 27th day.

In the Instagram clip, the rapper admits that she is “scared” and believes that something needs to be done. She also remarks that America’s currently a “hell hole”.

With over 8.6-million views and multiple shares across social networks, Cardi’s rant got people talking.

“I think this Cardi B should give the State of the Union instead,” wrote George Takei on Twitter.

Even US politicians debated retweeting the video.

The current government shutdown is now the longest in the country’s history, with a number of critical services shuttered.

This included Donald Trump’s kitchen staff at the White House.

Speaking of Trump, the US President has yet to respond to Cardi B.

Feature image: screenshot, Cardi B (@iamCardiB via Instagram

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