Facebook wants to make Pages ‘more transparent’ with new update

Facebook Page Quality tab

Facebook has revealed new updates to Pages in an attempt to make pages more transparent and hold owners more accountable on its platform.

“We’re taking new steps in how we handle Page content that goes against our policies,” the company announced on its news blog.

The first update comes in the form of a Page Quality tab for Page admins, which will help them understand how their content is perceived.

The tab will show users content that Facebook has removed for violating their community guidelines, as well as content “recently rated ‘False,’ ‘Mixture’ or ‘False Headline’ by third-party fact-checkers”.

“We hope this will give people the information they need to police bad behavior,” the company said.

The second update is a revised policy to curb repeat offenders, which it called the Recidivism Policy.

Facebook noted that some users try to make new pages, or use old pages to drive their agenda even after the offending page is removed. “To address this gap, when we remove a Page or group for violating our policies,” Facebook notes, “we may now also remove other Pages and Groups.”

To determine which Pages should be removed, Facebook will look at whether they share the same admins or similar Page titles.

The company does not mention if the changes will be applied globally.

Feature image: Facebook

Shereesa Moodley


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