The January birthday blues [Sponsored]

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Many people squeal about how unfair life is — but if you were born in January, we think you can take the cake! Well, not literally, since there probably won’t be one.

Birthdays should be special, but it seems that there is an exception to the rule when it comes to those born in the 180-day month which is otherwise known as January. Here’s why:

Everyone’s broke

And we mean, everyone! Many people are still recovering from the festivities of December and they’ve probably spent their bonuses. Don’t bank on heading out for birthday drinks or even a bring-and-braai — everyone is out of pocket.

They’re all partied out

The festive season is a time for fun, sleeping late and going out more often than usual. By the time January comes around, people are just not in the mood. They’re all adjusting from holiday mode to work mode. Equally, don’t bet on them checking their phones all the time. They’ll most likely take forever to respond to your messages and voicemails.

Oh, it was your birthday?

With all the admin that needs to be done before heading back to work, many people may forget that it is even your birthday. Also, January is when everyone says, “New year, new me” and try to focus on their resolutions — whether it be no alcohol or no cake. So even if they remember your birthday — they may decide to skip the celebrations.

No presents

You probably know full well that your chances of going out or receiving a gift are slim. Unless, of course, there are a few leftover December presents. And if there aren’t, you heard it all before: “Can I get your gift after pay day, please? Or worse still: “This is your combined Christmas and birthday gift.”

Weekend away?

A long weekend away is near-impossible. People have used up their leave days and won’t be able to afford missing out on work again. Sorry.

With all that said, January doesn’t have to be a complete disappointment! – There is one way we can turn the frown upside down – by offering you affordable car insurance. Oh yes, give your bank account a break and start saving on your insurance policy. Now, go on and live your way; and plan that birthday party you never had for when your loved ones can afford to join in on the celebrations. Go big and apply for an insurance quote to start saving today!

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