Here’s a taste of the 59+ new emoji you’ll get later this year

emojipedia new emoji 2019

Unicode 12.0 has been revealed for 2019 and with it comes 59 new emoji — that’s excluding variations for skin tone, colours and genders.

Emojipedia showed off the first look in a video on YouTube.

“Emojipedia has today updated its sample images as a demonstration of how these 230 new emojis might look when coming to various systems throughout 2019,” it noted.

New expressions include the yawn face, “small amount” hand gesture and even new white and brown hearts.

The update also caters for differently-abled people. This includes an ear with a hearing aid, a deaf person emoji, mechanical limbs and wheelchair variations.

There are also guide and service dog emojis, along with the addition of sloths and otters in the animal category.

When it comes to people, Unicode 12.0 has added people holding hands, along with multicoloured and gendered variations.

On the food front, waffles, butter and falafels are just a few that have been added.

The entire list is actually 230 emojis long, and will launch on devices and the web towards the end of 2019.

Feature image: Emojipedia

Shereesa Moodley


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