Pastor ‘resurrects’ dead man at his funeral, births a new Twitter challenge

This weekend a funeral service held by Alleluia Ministries International in Sandton garnered the attention of the internet after the seemingly deceased was brought back to life.

The video first hit social media via YouTube, where you can witness the supposed resurrection at around two hours into the three hour video.

The news then made its way to Twitter, where the hashtag #ressurectionchallenge began to trend as South Africans tried to mockingly recreate the “miracle”.

Of course, the results are impressive.

Eventually, however, people couldn’t help meme-ing the protagonist of the video himself.

The con seems to have been confirmed by a report on News24, which reveals that one of the funeral parlors involved in the clip is seeking legal action against Alleluia Ministries International.

Perhaps the ploy was all a part of achieving church’s mission to “expand the borders of the Kingdom of God through evangelism and outreach, and to awaken the church of God in our world today”.

Or perhaps they were seeking meme immortality.

Feature image: screenshot, Alleluia Ministries International via YouTube

Shereesa Moodley


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