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Fans are blaming Netflix for ruining ‘The Notebook’s classic emotional ending

It seems Netflix in the UK unknowingly released a version of 2004 romantic drama The Notebook with a different ending to what fans are used to.

According to multiple reports, the UK version of the Nicholas Sparks classic does not show lovebirds Noah and Allie dying together at the end of the movie, rather it simply cuts to birds flying off.

In a tweet, Netflix UK & Ireland said it was “getting to the bottom of it asap” as was not responsible for the edit.

Despite this, Netflix is still getting all the blame.

Fans are rather passionate about the change, with one Twitter user even threatening to cancel their Netflix subscription.

Clearly people love a good tragedy more than a happy ending, but the company has since uploaded the “correct” version of the movie following the drama.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

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