‘Killed by Google’ is a digital graveyard remembering the company’s slain products

google inbox

Google is well known for launching promising apps, hardware, and services and burying them just as they gain loyal, loving users.

Take Google Inbox for instance. The experimental but super-polished email management app is biting the bullet in just seven days. But it’s not the first to be killed by its creator.

That said, a single-use site called Killed By Google documents just how many apps, services and devices the Mountain View company has slain in its history.

“Killed by Google is a Free and Open Source list of dead Google products, services, and devices. It serves to be a tribute and memorial of beloved products and services killed by Google,” the site’s blurb reads.

More recently, we bid adieu to the likes of Google Allo, Google Reply, and Google’s News & Weather. This week, Inbox will be joined by Google+, the company’s failed social network.

Each entry has a short obituary too, making it strangely emotional, or a countdown to their pending death day.

Killed By Google also lets users search for particular products, but also lists the number of items per category above. So, how many digital souls has Google destroyed? Just one shy of 149, the site suggests.

It’s open source, and compiled by developer Cody Ogden. Have a look at the extensive digital graveyard here.

Feature image: Google Inbox

Andy Walker, former editor


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