Google Maps’ speed limit, speed trap warnings now live in South Africa

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You’d previously have to download Waze if you wanted traffic notifications and speed camera warnings in realtime. But now, you’ll be able to access this info from within Google Maps.

Google confirmed to TechCrunch a list of more than 40 countries set to get the feature, and South Africa’s on the list.

The feature was first spotted in January.

Other African countries including Morocco, Namibia, Tunisia and Zimbabwe are also listed.

Google Maps, in addition to letting people find food, places of interest and collect to-visit bucket lists, will now alert you of the speed limit of a given road when in navigation mode. It will also alert you if you’re coming up to a speed trap.

According to TechCrunch, the feature’s no live in South Africa and the other countries mentioned above.

Feature image: Google

Andy Walker


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