2019 South Africa election results: 100% counted, ANC 57.5%, DA 20.7%, EFF 10.7%

south africa election results

Looking for election results? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll be updating this piece as the IEC tallies up the vote throughout the day.

2019 South Africa election results: Final national results

The final national results for South Africa after the 2019 election, including its losses or gains over 2014, as of 5pm Saturday:

2019 South Africa election results national

2019 South Africa election results: Final provincial results

The final results for all nine provinces, as of 5pm Saturday:

  • Northern Cape
    • ANC – 228 265 votes, 57.54%
    • DA – 101 198 votes, 25.51%
    • EFF – 38527 votes, 9.71%

The Northern Cape sees a reduced ANC support base, with a 6.8% drop. The DA strengthens slightly. The EFF nearly doubles its support over 2014, while the VF+ more than doubles its support. COPE remains fifth, but loses more than 2.5% of its support. The province is Good’s second largest support base, with 0.83% of the vote.

Spoilt votes total 4984. Voter turnout is 64.12%.

  • North West
    • ANC – 590 780 votes, 61.87%
    • EFF – 178 013 votes, 18.64%
    • DA – 106 744, 11.18%

The EFF is now the official opposition in the North West, usurping the DA. The EFF grew from 13.21% in 2014. The ANC fell by 5.5% since 2014. The VF+ more than doubled its support base in the province.

Spoilt votes total 15 822. Voturn turnout is 57.01%.

  • Mpumalanga
    • ANC – 858 589 votes, 70.58%
    • EFF – 155 573 votes, 12.79%
    • DA – 118 915 votes, 9.77%

The EFF is the official opposition in its second province, once again unseating the DA from second place. The VF+ gained 1.6% in 2019 over 2014. The Better Residents Association, or BRA, took home fifth place, or 0.72% of the vote. It’s down from 2014’s total of 1.15% support.

Spoilt votes total 17 022. Voter turnout is 63.2%.

  • Western Cape
    • DA – 1 140 653 votes, 55.45%
    • ANC – 589 056 votes, 28.64%
    • EFF – 83 074 votes, 4.04%

The DA may have won the Western Cape again, but its support waned since 2014. It dropped just less than 4%. The ANC too dropped by the same amount, but the slack was picked up by the EFF, Good, and the ACDP. The VF+ also gained in the province.

Spoilt votes total 16 516. Voter turnout is 66.28%.

  • Eastern Cape
    • ANC – 1 357 137 votes, 68.74%
    • DA – 310 538 votes, 15.73%
    • EFF – 154 821 votes, 7.84%

The ANC and DA lost ground to the EFF in the Eastern Cape with the ATM taking home 30 000 votes at the best newcomer.

Spoilt votes total 27 081. Voter turnout is 59.51%.

  • Free State
    • ANC – 541 535 votes, 61.14%
    • DA – 155 694 votes, 17.58%
    • EFF – 111 427 votes, 12.58%

The ANC lost ground once again in the Free State, but the EFF came notably close to unseating the DA as official opposition in another province. The standout performer is the VF+ which gained nearly 2% over 2014. The ATM scored 6000 votes in the province.

Spoilt votes total 11 508. Voter turnout is 61.35%.

  • KwaZulu-Natal
    • ANC – 1 951 257 votes, 54.22%
    • IFP – 588 018 votes, 16.34%
    • DA – 500 046 votes, 13.09%

The DA’s subpar 2019 election isn’t getting much better in South Africa’s eastern province. The IFP is now the official opposition, gaining more than 6% over the previous election. While the DA did gain support, it didn’t gain enough. Speaking of support, the ANC’s dwindled by more than 10%. The EFF received 9.7% of the vote, up from 1.8% in 2014.

Spoilt votes total 56 501. Voter turnout is 66.16%.

  • Limpopo
    • ANC – 1 096 300 votes, 75.49%
    • EFF – 209 488 votes, 14.43%
    • DA – 78 360 votes, 5.4%

The EFF added 4% of the provincial support on to its 2014 figures, with the DA losing ground slightly. The VF+ again gained more than double the support in South Africa’s northern province. The APC support stagnated, but that was enough to see off the ACDP, which lost ground too.

Spoilt votes total 18 072. Voter turnout is 56.36%.

  • Gauteng
    • ANC – 2 168 253 votes, 50.19 %
    • DA – 1 185 743 votes, 27.45 %
    • EFF – 634 387 votes, 14.69%

The final province to tally its votes proved to be one of the most hotly contested. The ANC barely scraped past the 50% mark, with the DA losing around 2.5% over its 2014 numbers. The EFF gained support since 2014 — a quite notable 4.3% added to its provincial support base. The VF+ once again had a strong showing, while the IFP also gained 0.1% in the province.

Spoilt votes total 37 411. Voter turnout is 68.28%.

Rolling updates below:

DA wins ‘out of country’ election

The DA received 14 802 votes from voters overseas, according to the IEC. That’s 74.45% of the support from South Africans abroad.

The ANC placed second with 2153 votes, 10.83% of the support. The VF+ received 4.57% of the votes ranking above the EFF with 3.85%.

The ACDP, ZACP, COPE, UDM and Good all received more than 100 votes each.

12 hours later: we’re nearly done here

Just Gauteng remains to be decided, but South Africa’s eight other provinces have totaled their ballots. The ANC has won in all bar the Western Cape, where the DA claimed victory. The EFF is now opposition in three provinces, with the IFP taking that title away from the DA in KwaZulu-Natal.

As for Gauteng itself, well, the ANC is currently representing 50.1% of the province’s support. 99.31% of the vote has been counted. Will this figure change? We should know within the next hour or so.

10pm update: 97.75% counted…

…And the ANC has 58.68% of the nation’s support. The DA currently sits at 20.69% and the EFF 10.6%.

The IEC should be wrapping up the remaining six provinces later tonight, or early tomorrow morning.

Spoiling for a vote…

Interesting to note, in Gauteng there have been more than 30 000 spoilt votes with 83% counted, that’s more than the IFP received in the province. That’s just less than 1% of the vote.

Okay, sure. In terms of percentage of the vote, that’s a much lower share than tallied in KwaZulu-Natal. That number stands in excess of 50 000, with around 100 000 fewer votes cast.

8pm update: just 4% remaining now, ANC hanging on in Gauteng

Well, the ANC, DA and EFF lead the country, but the race for Gauteng is hotting up.

With 83% counted, the ANC has 50.69%, the DA 27.34% and the EFF 14.39%.

Interestingly, voter turnout is notably high in comparison to other provinces, tipping the 68% mark.

6pm update: 94% of the votes counted, four provinces completed

The top three with a little under 5% to go:

  • ANC- 57.74%
  • DA – 20.64%
  • EFF – 10.51%

3.45pm update: ANC holds on to 57% nationally

Your current top three, with 91% of the votes counted are as follows:

  • ANC – 57.56%
  • DA – 20.85%
  • EFF – 10.4%

1pm update: 86% counted, ANC nears eight million votes

ANC holds 57.17% of voters’ support, with the DA at 21.37% and EFF at 10.22%. The ANC’s also nearing the eight million mark, while the DA is set to cross the three million mark too.

Nearly 200 000 votes have been spoilt.

Midday update: Gauteng still on a knife edge

Current national standings, with 83.44% of the votes counted:

  • ANC – 57.07%
  • DA – 21.58%
  • EFF – 10.13%

In Gauteng, the ANC has 49.4% at present, with the DA at 28.64% and the EFF at 13.85%. It remains the most hotly contested province with more than 30% left to count.

80% counted at 11am

Its taken 24 hours to get to 80% of the ballots counted, and the likes of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal still have a long way to go.

For now, national support is as follows:

  • ANC leads with 7.385-million votes and 56.98% of the support.
  • DA trails with 2.824-million votes and 21.79% of the support.
  • EFF has 1.309-million votes with 10.1% of South Africa’s support.

Other interesting things to note:

  • The IFP’s doing much better this year and in 2014. It’s currently trusted by 3.19% of the public, up from 2.4% last time out.
  • Good remains just 8000 votes behind the UDM
  • The VF+ has nearly triple the support in 2019 compared to 2014.
  • BLF has 12 895 votes, or 0.1% of the nation’s support.
  • The ACM has 3211 votes, or 0.02% of SA’s support.
  • ZACP has 11 059 votes, or 0.09% of the support.
  • AGANG has 10 454 votes, and 0.08% of the nation’s support (it garnered 0.28% in 2014).

80.65% of the votes have been counted. Numerically, that’s 13.14-million. 180 340 spoilt votes have been recorded. Voter turnout remains at 65%.

The ANC’s having a bad week

While it might still be in control of South Africa (so models and predictions would indicate), the ANC has lost ground in every province. Here’s a breakdown of the share of support the party received in each province in 2019 compared to 2014.

  • EC: 2019 – 68.58% | 2014 – 70.09%
  • FS: 2019 – 62.36% | 2014 – 69.85%
  • GT: 2019 – 49.55% | 2014 – 53.59%
  • KZ: 2019 – 53.11% | 2014 – 64.52%
  • LM: 2019: 75.36% | 2014 – 78.6%
  • MP: 2019: 70.03% | 2014 – 78.23%
  • NW: 2019: 61.92% | 2014 – 67.39%
  • WC: 2019: 28.78% | 2014 – 32.89%
  • NC: 2019 – 57.32% | 2014 – 64.4%

Note, there’s still a long way to go. Just 78.66% of the ballots have been counted, so this could change by the end of the day. But you may want to keep a close eye on Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

9.45am: You didn’t miss much

Good morning, and welcome back to the riveting, thrilling, seat-of-your-pants 2019 South Africa election results coverage.

Just 8% of the ballots were counted last night, so we’re at 78.11% in total.

The ANC continues to lead, now crossing the 7.1-million vote mark with 56.93% of the national support. The DA’s share of support has shrunk. It now has just 21.98% of national support — its first dip below 22% mark too. The EFF has crossed the 10% mark, sitting at 10.08%.

The IFP (3.04%), VF+ (2.47%), ACDP (0.92%), UDM (0.52%), Good (0.48%), ATM (0.47%), and new entrant into the top 10, NFP (0.29%) are your top ten.

COPE has been relegated to 12th, with the AIC (0.29%) now in 11th.

Voter turnout is currently at 65.5% with 174 000 spoilt ballots counted.

00.30am, Friday update: Goodnight folks, see you in the morning

As the number of votes tallied crosses the 70% mark, the ANC still lead nationally with 56.68%, the DA trails with 22.42% and the EFF remains third with 9.89%.

The IFP, VF+, ACDP, UDM, Good, ATM and COPE round up the top ten.

The winner of the 2019 South Africa elections will be announced by the IEC in the morning.

10.30pm update: where the smaller parties stand, at 67.86% votes counted

It’s worth noting that the ANC has crossed the six million vote mark, while the EFF has made its way into the millions. The ACDP now also has over 100 000 votes.

The BLF is just shy of 10 000 votes, while ACM is below the 2500 mark. ZACP is now in the 8000a, one place behind the BLF.

10.20pm update: it’s getting late now, isn’t it?

Pretty late for the DA’s and EFF’s hopes of overthrowing the ANC.

The latter has a healthy lead, with 56.7% of the vote, while the DA and EFF have 22.45% and 9.87% respectively. 67.22% of voting stations’ ballots have been accounted for — that’s more than 10.6-million votes.

The IFP now has a firm lead over the VF+. The former leads the latter 2.81% vs 2.58%.

Good and UDM for seventh is now the closest fight, with the former leading the latter by a little more than 200 votes.

8pm update: IFP overtakes VF+, ANC remains below 57% nationally

The ANC has crossed the five million vote mark, with 56.84% of support from voters. DA remains second with 2.087-million votes and 22.53% of support. The EFF is still 100 000 short of a million but holds 9.76% of the support.

The IFP has overtaken the VF+ and now leads the race to fourth by just 132 votes.

60.43% of the voting district’s ballots have been captured. There’s 127 000 spoilt ballots. Voter turnout remains in the 65% zone.

7.45pm: VF+, IFP neck and neck for fourth place

It’s hotting up for fourth place in South Africa’s 2019 election.

The current frontrunner VF+ has the most slender of leads over the IFP. It’s 246 620 versus 245 239. 2.63% and 2.62% of national support, respectively.

As of 6.30pm, nearly 90% of votes captured in Western Cape, less than 60% in KZN

6pm update: ANC just short of 57% nationally

56.46% of the ballots have been counted, and the party placings remain the same.

The ANC now has 4.851-million votes to its name, the DA 1.922-million and the EFF 824 705. That’s 56.93%, 22.56% and 9.68% respectively.

In the Western Cape, the DA holds 55.17% of the support at present. The ANC has 28.76%.

In Gauteng, the ANC holds 52.04%, the DA 25.75% and the EFF 14.61%.

50% tallied: ANC has a healthy lead

With 50.62% of the ballots counted, the top 10 are as follows:

  • ANC – 56.77%
  • DA – 23.04%
  • EFF – 9.5%
  • VF+ – 2.76%
  • IFP – 2.32%
  • ACDP – 0.98%
  • Good – 0.61%
  • UDM – 0.55%
  • ATM – 0.48%
  • COPE – 0.32%

3pm update: Your top 10

The ANC now has 3.708-million votes to its name, with the DA (1.546-million) and EFF (609 104) lagging behind. The official national breakdown after 45.14% of the votes have been counted is:

  • ANC – 56.52%
  • DA – 23.58%
  • EFF – 9.28%
  • VF+ – 2.9%
  • IFP – 2.1%
  • ACDP – 0.99%
  • Good – 0.61%
  • UDM – 5.3%
  • ATM – 0.47%
  • COPE – 0.33%

88 819 ballots have been spoilt, while turnout now stands at 65.41%.

ANC only just has control of Gauteng with 50.82%, the DA maintains control of the Western Cape at present with 54.63%, while the ANC maintains majority in KZN for at the time of writing with 55.87% of the provincial vote.

How is the provincial race hotting up?

Province by province breakdown below, as of 2.30pm and with 44.07% of the votes counted nationally:

  • EC: ANC (69.3%), DA (16.4%), EFF (7.4%)
  • FS: ANC (60.9%), DA (18.9%), EFF (11.2%)
  • GT: ANC (50.4%), DA (27.6%), EFF (14.8%)
  • KZ: ANC (55.7%), IFP (19.3%), DA (11.3%)
  • LM: ANC (76.1%), EFF (12.5%), DA (6%)
  • MP: ANC (66.5%), EFF (12.8%), DA (12.8%)
  • NW: ANC (64.3%), EFF (17.8%), DA (9.4%)
  • WC: DA (54.8%), ANC (28.3%), EFF (3.5%)
  • NC: ANC (56.1%), DA (27.6%), EFF (8.5%)

2pm update: DA percentage shrinks further as EFF support grows

As of 2.15pm, 42.46% of the vote has been counted.

The ANC maintains a healthy majority, with 56.29% of the vote. The DA’s percentage is down to 23.91%, while the EFF is up to 9.22%.

The VF+ maintains fourth place with 2.95% but the IFP is closing the gap, now owning 2% of the vote. The ACDP too, is sixth with a nice round number of 1%.

6.2-million votes have been counted, with 82 000 spoilt ballots tallied.

Your 1pm update: ANC lead extends, DA support shrinks, EFF crosses 9%

  • 38.59% of the votes counted, that’s 5.514-million in total.
  • ANC has 56.13% of the national support.
  • DA has 24.43%.
  • EFF has 9.01%
  • 65.46% voter turnout.
  • 72 978 spoilt ballots.

Good or bad news for the DA?

Your midday update: ANC pulls away slightly

With 35.94% of the vote counted, we’re looking at 2.773-million crosses for the ANC, 1.242-million for the DA, and 440 388 for the EFF. That translates into 55.75%, 24.97% and 8.85% of South Africa’s support, respectively.

The VF+ is the only other party to cross the six digit vote mark, with 147 760 ballots in its favour. That’s 2.97% of the vote.

The IFP, ACDP, GOOD, UDM and ATM are scrapping it out in the 1.7% and 0.4% bracket.

Voter turnout is now at 65.46%, with 66 695 spoilt ballots.

ATM about to cross 22 000 votes

Newcomer ATM, or African Transformation Movement is still lagging behind Good as the best debutant of 2019, but it’s still performing better than COPE. The party has racked up 21 994 votes, 0.45% of 35.35% of the national votes currently tallied.

Spoilt ballots pile up

Interestingly, if spoilt ballots were a political party, they’d be sixth, displacing the ACDP. More than 57 000 ballots have been mistakenly or deliberately goofed by voters.

ANC, DA, EFF, VF+, IFP and ACDP your top six at 11am

At 11am, 32.32% of the vote has been counted, and the ANC’s lead has retracted slightly this hour. It nevertheless remains the frontrunner with 55.09% of the national support. That’s 2.396-million votes.

The DA is still second, also retracting slightly to 25.68% of the national support.

The EFF however has seen a slight increase to 8.64% of the vote.

4.3-million votes have been counted thus far, with voter turnout hovering around the 65% mark.

How are the smaller parties doing?

With 30.74% of the vote counted, you’re probably wondering how the smaller parties are doing in the 2019 election race?

  • Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s ACM has 1040 votes, and 0.03% of South Africa’s support.
  • BLF has 2740 votes, 0.07% of the national vote.
  • ZACP has 3391 votes, and 0.1% of South Africa’s support (still more than AGANG once place behind at 3204 votes).
  • Patricia de Lille’s Good is the best performing newcomer, with 29 904 votes, 0.73% of the national vote.
  • Land Party has 4965 votes, or around 0.12% of SA’s support.

ANC hits two million votes, DA cracks one million

As of 10am, the ANC has now racked up just over 2.1-million votes (54.75% of the support), while the DA crossed the million mark (26.17%). The EFF has 320 000 votes to its name, and 8.38% of the national support.

Voter turnout has increased slightly to 65.2%, but there’s still a long way to go. Just 29.59% of the ballots have been counted.

25% counted: ANC leads, DA trails, EFF in third, VF+ in fourth

As of 9.30am Thursday, around 27% of the votes have been counted, and there’s not much of a surprise up front. These are the election results as they currently stand.

The ANC is leading the way nationally with 55.01% of the vote, the DA is second with 26.04% of the national support, with the EFF currently has 8.27% of the vote.

Notably, the VF Plus is ranking fourth at present, with 3.23% of the vote, while the IFP, ACDP, GOOD, UDM, ATM and COPE are scrapping it out in the 1.5% to 0.3% bracket.

With around 49% counted in the Western Cape, the DA leads with 57.2%, the ANC places second with 26.77% and Good ranks third with 3.13% of the provincial vote.

In Gauteng, 16.8% of the ballots have been counted. The ANC leads with 51.44%, the DA trails with 26.46%, while the EFF is placed third with 13.92%.

Finally, in KwaZulu-Natal, the ANC has 56% of the support, with around 11.8% of the ballots counted. The IFP ranks second with 19.86%, while the DA is third with 11.66%.

National voter turnout currently sits just below 65%.

Viait the IEC’s results dashboard for a more acute look at the results as they roll in.

This is a developing story…

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