Uber’s testing a new ‘seamless’ PIN code pickup system for airports

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Uber is revising how its service functions at airports, kicking off a trial in Portland this week.

The city’s airport in Oregon, US will be the first to provide riders with a PIN, which will allow them to be picked up by the first available driver in a queue. Traditional Uber rides designate a rider with a particular driver, but this system negates this step.

The six-digit PIN acts as a key for the driver, who then types it into their Uber Driver app. The ride then begins as normal.

“Our PIN-matching solution was developed in 2016 to streamline pickups at high-volume, high-density event venues,” the company noted in a release.

“Since then, we’ve implemented it in partnership with operators at more than 60 events worldwide. Over time, we’ve significantly improved the experience for riders and drivers.”

It’s not clear if the system will come to South Africa, but it would be a nice inclusion for Uber customers who wait for ages at airports in the country. That said, don’t hold your breath.

“We see enormous potential for this solution to make a positive impact at airports, but we also know from previous testing that not every venue is a fit. At some locations, it’s far more efficient to retain existing pickup models due to capacity constraints and curb space availability,” Uber concluded.

Feature image: Uber

Andy Walker, former editor


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