Pearl Thusi’s colourism debate continues after Bonnie Mbuli’s Twitter comment

It seems Pearl Thusi has not put the colourism Twitter debate she started on Wednesday behind her.

In fact, a Thursday evening tweet by fellow South African actress Bonnie Mbuli reignited the flames surrounding the matter when she suggested light-skinned actresses are unsuited for certain roles.

“So when a light skinned actress complains abt the one or two roles they didn’t get coz they weren’t dark enuf; I’m like but the part ur crying abt was being the slave who gets raped and beat up in the thing, ppl who look like u have never had to be in that position to begin with,” Mbuli said.

The comments got Thusi’s attention, and in true Twitter fashion, she retaliated.

The actresses continued to go back and fourth throughout Thursday night, taking more than one spicy dig at each other.

Meanwhile, South African Twitter was watching, feeding the mix of views about dark-skinned verses light-skinned privilege.

Others were simply enjoying the drama going down between two of the country’s celebs.

The conversation continued well into Friday morning, but Pearl Thusi and Bonnie Mbuli seem to have given the argument a rest.

Feature image: Shereesa Moodley/Memeburn

Shereesa Moodley


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