South African women think #MoonchildChallenge is an ‘absolute joke’


South African musician Moonchild Sanelly made waves on Monday after posting a video of herself twerking on Twitter. The video went viral with over 100 000 views, and the singer subsequently decided to start the #MoonchildChallenge.

“Let’s own our bodies and celebrate them by damn ourselves!” she tweeted to her followers, posting a demonstration video.

By Tuesday morning, the hashtag was trending, but not because South African women were actually participating in the challenge. Many, in fact, agreed that the challenge undermined the country’s growing struggles against gender-based violence and rape culture.

“Imagine taking part in this #MoonchildChallenge considering what’s been happening in our country. Wow what an absolute joke,” one user tweeted.

In the end, the challenge only trended because most women in South Africa decided that participating was disrespectful to themselves and other women in the country.

Despite the #MoonchildChallenge not going according to plan, one quick scroll through the hashtag brings to light the perverted mindset many people still have about female bodies and entitlement.

While some might see the challenge as an opportunity for female empowerment, the reaction by many men who didn’t get to see twerking videos and pictures only perpetuates rape culture.

Feature image: screenshot, Twitter

Shereesa Moodley


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