Jacquard by Google turns normal clothing into smart wearables


Google on Thursday revealed new updates to Jacquard, the company’s “ambient computing” smart tag.

According to the company, ambient computing turns “everyday, ordinary things” likes shoes, backpacks and jackets, into smart wearable devices.

In its latest update, Jacquard is now “smaller than a stick of gum” and features a redesigned companion app with new abilities too.

Users can control their music, receive alerts and navigate their environment with simple hand gestures on items that have the tag built-in.

“With ‘My Day’ you can get current updates on traffic, local weather, news and more. And with ‘Ask Assistant’ you can create your own Jacquard ability,” the company further noted on its website.

Jacquard is currently available in the form of Saint Laurent’s Cit-e Backpack and Levi’s new Trucker Jacket.

In a video showing off the denim jacket, Levi’s demonstrates how Jacquard can be used in day-to-day life.

Google first revealed the Jacquard platform and Jacquard Threads earlier this year, where it described the technology as “textiles and materials that can understand your gestures and communicate back using light and haptic feedback”.

Jacquard’s small line of products is also reminiscent of Nike’s self-lacing Huarache sneakers, which can also be controlled and customised through an app.

Feature image: screenshot, Levi’s via YouTube

Shereesa Moodley


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