OjuChat: a new messaging app with 4800 ‘culturally appropriate’ emoji

OjuChat Emojus

Messaging service OjuChat last week revealed a host of new “region specific and culturally appropriate” emoji launching with its new messaging application. 

Described as “hyper-localised and culturally diverse”, the platform seeks to create a space where locals can converse using emoji that are applicable in their day-to-day lives. 

Here in South Africa, this means users can access symbols for things like “Pap ‘n gravy” and even “Bunny Chow” on OjuChat.

“Users from all cultural backgrounds will find shareable content that is appropriate to their own cultures — from Maoris to the Masai Mara,” the company said in a press release.

OjuChat was first established in 2014 with 74 downloadable and shareable “emojus” — the company’s name for its emoji.

Now, the company’s Android app is officially available in beta with more than 4800 “emojus”.

“End-to-end messaging encryption is standard and ensures messages cannot be intercepted and OjuChat is peer-to-peer, which means messages go directly from sender to receiver without touching the company infrastructure,” Oju added.

The company, which is currently developing an iOS version of its messaging app, also noted that OjuChat features “voice, video and picture messaging” too.

Feature image: Oju Holdings

Shereesa Moodley


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