Google’s letting users fine tune Assistant sensitivity to stop random activations

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Google’s latest tweaks to Assistant will likely help cut down on over-eager smart speakers and smart displays when using the “Hey Google” command.

On Thursday, the company announced that when setting up Voice Match users will be prompted to read entire phrases instead of the “Hey Google” hotword.

“For example, during Voice Match set up, the Assistant will ask you to say ‘Hey Google, play my workout playlist’ so it can better identify who is engaging with significantly higher accuracy,” said the company.

This addition will be paired with an incoming sensitivity adjustment which will allow users to adjust the responsiveness of smart objects in your home to the hotword.

“You can make Google Assistant more sensitive if you want it to respond more often, or less sensitive to reduce unintentional activations,” it said.

It’s not clear if this would work similar to adjusting a microphone’s sensitivity, and if users equiping the lowest sensitivity would have to then shout at their devices to get an Assistant reply.

Nevertheless, we’ll find out in the “coming weeks” as the option will be added to the Google Home app.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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