Google announces new features to manage your Chrome tabs

google chrome tabs organise

Google has announced several improvements to tab organisation in Chrome, including faster tabs and collapsible tab groups.

These improvements should make it easier for those who are guilty of leaving dozens of tabs open as they multitask and browse the web.

According to Google, tabs will now load 10% faster due to under-the-hood improvements to their performance.

Meanwhile, users will also be able to preview tabs before clicking on them. Hovering over a tab will show a thumbnail of its contents.

With tab groups, users will be able to assign topics or tasks to tabs. They can then collapse these groups when they’re not using them, and expand them when they want to view them again.

chrome tabs groups

Another really useful feature coming to Chrome is the ability to fill out PDF forms in Chrome.

Finally, for Android, Google is helping users switch to already-open tabs in Chrome.

“Rolling out on Android in this release, when you start typing a page title into the address bar, you’ll see a suggestion to switch to that tab if you already have it open,” Google says.

android switch to open chrome tabs

Google hasn’t given a specific timeline for each feature. Some will roll out in the newest version of the browser, while others will first be tested in the Beta version of Chrome.

You can read more about the upcoming Chrome tabs improvements in Google’s blog post on the topic.

Feature image: Google

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