#TheReturnOfAlcohol trends on Twitter as alcohol ban lifted

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As South Africa moved to Level 2 lockdown today, Twitter users shared their thoughts on the end of the alcohol ban with #TheReturnOfAlcohol.

Alert level two took effect at 12:01am on 18 August.

The new regulations allow the sale of alcohol at licenced premises for off-site consumption between 9am and 5pm, from Monday to Thursdays — except for public holidays.

On-site consumption is allowed as well for licensed premises, subject to curfew hours.

The new regulations also lift the ban of the sale of tobacco products — which has been in place since the start of lockdown in March.

South Africans react to end of alcohol ban

There were mixed reactions on Twitter as the alcohol ban was lifted.

Many users rejoiced at the lifting of the ban, sharing jokes and memes about their excitement.

However, some urged caution and continued vigilance in the face of the virus. There are also concerns about alcohol’s role in gender-based violence.

Others shared memes and humor regarding the situation.

These ranged from praising South African Breweries (SAB) to joking about the social media reactions to the end of the alcohol ban.

Meanwhile, with payday still a while away and budgets more constrained than ever, some people lamented that they would have to wait before purchasing alcohol again.

Alcohol companies have also jumped on the trending topic, however they’ve used their own hashtags.

Some brands asked users to send photos of themselves with an alcohol product, while others urged drinking responsibly.

Many alcohol companies had also lobbied on social media to have the ban lifted in recent weeks. This included using the hashtag #LiftTheBan.

Another trending topic included Makro. Many expect consumers to visit the retailer today to stock up on alcohol and cigarettes with the bans lifted.

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